Welcome to a spectacular and unique experience. ORCA TYSFJORD has been arranging killer whale safaris since 1990, and is the pioneer in its field. We are proud to be able to welcome you to our killer whale safari, by inflatable dinghy or, if you are really ambitious, snorkeling amongst killer whales.

The tour begins and ends at Tysfjord Turistsenter, and lasts up to ten hours. You will be issued with windproof survival suits, but must bring with you warm clothes, suitable footwear, headgear and gloves. If we encounter the orca, we will follow them and study their behaviour. In the stillness, all you can hear is the slap of the sea against the inflatable, and the dramatic sounds of the whales themselves as breath erupts from their blow-holes, or as they surge through the water. When you get this close to these magnificent creatures you are suddenly and completely a part of their world.

In 2007 we have noticed that nature is changing. There is not as much herring in the fjord anymore, and the orcas have been more difficult to find in Tysfjord. Some of the groups will continue to come back to Tysfjord every winter but not as often as before. In 2012 we discovered that herring and Orcas moved little north, so during winter season we move our boats and start safaris from there. In season 2013/2014, staring from December to middle of February we found Orcas on every trip we made. On most of the trips we also sow Humpback and Finn whales feeding together with Killer whales.


Departs every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

in the period 27.12. - 19.02.


21:00 - We start your adventure on the evening before safari with Orca lecture.
06:15 - Meet at reception.
06:30 - Leaving Hotel. We drive about 150 km to the starting point of boat trip. Putting on survival/snorkelling suits.
10:30 - Orca Safari (Approx. 2-3 hours).
19:00 - Orca ceremony in hotel.

Timings subject to alteration.


Take with you warm clothing, thermal underwear, sweater, warm footwear, headgear, and gloves.

Safari Boats

Lofoten Opplevelser has over 20 years experience with RIB safaris. Your safety is of paramount importance to us. Our fleet of inflatable boats is fitted with powerful inboard motors and the latest navigational and communications equipment. All our crew are thoroughly trained.


Whales are wild creatures, so we cannot guarantee that they will put in an appearance.


Zodiak whale watching  1.450,- NOK pr. pers.
Snorkelling with killer whales  2.200,- NOK pr. pers.

min. 5 pers. (Participants must be at least 7 years old)

What's included

Orca lecture, transportation to and from starting point, survival/snorkelling suits, boat trip, warm lunch after safari, Orca ceremony and small surprise.

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